Your own portal for
Live Streaming & Video Hosting

Create your own professional platform for providing quality live streaming and video sharing with a wide range of content monetization tools. 

Quality Live Streaming

Thanks to your own platform, you can offer users quality live broadcasts on any connected device. You plan, categorize and target everything to selected users. You can use the chat platform with users during the live transmission, both for bulk and private messages. You can also record and save your broadcasts for future viewing.

High quality streaming on any device

Integrated online chat with the possibility of private messaging

Upload and share your livestreams on the platform

Live broadcast planning and their categorization

Give your portal
its own name, logo nad colours

Take advantage of the white-label solution and present the portal under your name. 

A wide range of options
of content monetization

Give users several ways to purchase access to content on the platform - from purchasing a subscription, through the ability to top up credit to a pay-per-view access. In addition, you can set up regular notifications for users on their accounts via the mobile application or by emailing a newsletter to notifying them of new content.

Paid content via a subscription, credit system or pay-per-view system

Comprehensive management of user access with the possibility of creating or just viewing content

Send newsletters and push notifications to users to mobile application

Perfect technical parameters

With us, you get a robust, reliable system with which you will not have to worry about the stability and quality of your stream.

Live broadcasts, stored videos and monetization processes are maximally secured according to the strictest standards with the appropriate certification of the authorities.

The system is designed for high loads and can handle a virtually unlimited number of active users

Quality data security through their tokenization

Extra features for better content monetization

In addition to engaging live streams, you can also share static content (videos, music or photos) with users on your platform. Target regional sharing or, conversely, exclude some locations from viewing. And, of course, charge users with monetization tools.

Whatever your strategy, you will surely want to monitor its performance. You will use a set of clear statistics tailored to your business.

Custom channel for storing, sharing and monetizing content

Regional content targeting

Clear statistics tailored to your business model

Suitable for a wide range of businesses

Portal with live broadcast and online content can be used in many different fields. Offer your users a quality and comfortable experience.

Arts and entertainment
Adult content
Fitness a coaching

Realized projects

Be inspired by the success of those who already run Live Streaming & Video Hosting platforms.

Salutea - virtual doctor's visits

A system for digitizing the operation of the doctor's office. A platform for virtual consultations and visits to the doctor is a part of it. Doctor -patient visits can be scheduled, booked, charged, recorded, enrolled, and placed as a recording on the patient's private portal for later review.

VET Showpark - virtual private show

A platform created for live streaming of private erotic shows. After registration, clients can view current live broadcasts, have the opportunity to address individual performers in a private chat and switch to a private live stream using their credit in the application.

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